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My Mugen Characters

Freddery II(Ice Climber{NES})

This is my first Self-Character

Freddery II(Ice Climber{SSB})

Carful, I freeze people

Freddery II(I wanna be the Guy)

I wanna be the Freddery, LOL

Princess Shroob

She is back with a vengance

Youtube poop robotnik

SnooPIN AS usual I see

F1 Weegee

This Version is non-pixelated(fixed sprites)

Giant Weegee

This Weegee is bigger than the screen O_O

RPG Weegee

This Weegee looks like he's from a RPG game

SNES Predator

From The SNES version of Alien vs Predator!105

Older version

Weegee(Mario is Missing)

Disclaimer: This is not Ravenboy's joke character!105


From the Legend of Zelda Series

Toa Lex

This is my first Fan Bionicle Characte for Mugen!105


From the Dot hack series(Wait is she Cheating?)

Malleo(Mario's Time Machine)

He is Weegee's Brother

Megatron(Beast Wars)

From The Beast Wars series

Kitaro(Grey hair)

He is here to stop the evil sprits from taking over Japan

Toa Ouranos Shamayim

Another Bionicle Fan Character

Nes Goku

It's Kid goku from the Nes Dragon Ball game "Dragon Power"


From the game Little Nemo


he is a joke character made from boredom and laziness


This Kitaro is from a Japanese Gameboy game.!105

Gameboy Mario

This is a reskin of Mario...Only that he has sprites from the gameboy games!105

My Punching bags

Freddery II

Since most of the Mugen community does not like my works


I made this because of EDICTARTS

Here is a silly sound pack for shadowgear.


One of the worst creators in Mugen


He is a buthurt fanboy that can't take criticism


One hit and he's dead. The funny thing about this is that he can not hit you back, but he can run


He was considered the worst spriter of them all!105

My Mugen Edits

Tails doll

Can you feel the sunshine


I feel Happy

Note: He does not work well at times.


Kingdom Hearts Mugen Character

God Namine

Don't underestimate her for being a girl


She was number 14 of Organization 13


A Nes mario reskin

Captain Hook

The most notorious villain of all time

The Queen of Hearts


Anti Sora

Inspired by Kingdom Hearts Recoded!105


One Piece Mugen Characters

Don Krieg

He is the Lord of the East Blue


Look who arrived here



Tails Doll

It's very dark with 3 lights and that tells you the tails doll is close

Weegee Giygas

You can not comprehend Weegee's Stare

Robotnik's lair

Looks like all forms of Robotnik are here to pwn you(just kidding)




OMG I Love Being Purple LOL

Older version

Bloody Forest

 Man this is a bloody scene


Copy and paste one of the links if you want to because clicking the links doesn't work anymore. I colored the different links just so you know. Do not claim any of them as yours and enjoy.

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